~ Our Mission Statement ~



We of Resurrection Reformed Church find our mission in the Word of God: Christ is the head and cornerstone of the Church. We belong to Christ and are called by God through the Holy Spirit to declare God’s praises. He calls us to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God. From this mission we discerned a vision for our church, and we extend an invitation to all to join us:


Come, Rejoice with Us


God calls us to worship, and we will do so with creativity, music and joy, bursting with life, glowing in the presence of God. Resurrection Church will be a friendly, welcoming sanctuary of grace, where we always make room for those who sit with us to experience the love of Christ. Children will be everywhere the word of God is shared. This worship will fill the church and flow out into the world around us.

Come, Receive God’s Gifts

We are all in different places in our faith journey, each of us learning, growing, struggling, and discovering. We have in common the gift of grace: the ever present, ever forgiving, everlasting love of God, made known to us in the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. In Resurrection Reformed Church, we gather as a family around the Table and the Font, celebrating that gift of grace. We will be together around tables of fellowship, supporting one another during the challenges, and sharing in the victories. We are committed to empower, equip, and encourage one another to share the gifts that God has given us in any way the Holy Spirit calls us. We hear that call through prayer.

Come, Respond to God’s Call with Love

Have you ever heard something so exciting that you could not wait to tell someone? That is our challenge as disciples: God calls us beyond these walls to share the love of Christ with the world. We are given all manner of gifts, talents, and skills, and now with the guidance of the Spirit, all of us will share those gifts with those who need them. Our doors are open so that we may go out to share God’s message, and so that anyone would feel welcome to come in and join us in praise.


Come, be a part of our Creator’s vision for his people:

to do justice and to love kindness

and to walk humbly with our God.  (Micah 6:8)