Doug Kiel

Doug Kiel and his wife, Kristi, are co-pastors at RRC. They share this work, because they also wanted to be able to share the work of parenting their children. In addition to worship and preaching, Doug's work at RRC emphasizes Christian education, pastoral care, and administration.

Doug's first career was in finance. When he realized that God was calling him to ministry, he left his job and went to study at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Doug and Kristi previously served a congregation in Albany, New York.

Doug is a collector of daylilies, and has more than thirty varieties in his garden. He is a trained musician, having served as a church organist for many years prior to seminary. He also enjoys creating stained glass.

Kristi Kiel

Kristi Kiel is RRC's "other" co-pastor, and is married to Doug. She enjoys the flexibility of sharing ministry with Doug, allowing her to be both a mom and a pastor. In addition to worship and preaching, Kristi's work at RRC emphasizes community outreach, pastoral care, and leadership of the Camp Tuesday program.

Kristi's first career was as a writer/editor for the Reformed Church in America's communication office. After ten years of writing about the ministries of other people, she decided she really wanted to work in ministry herself. She left her job and attended Western Seminary in Holland, Michigan. That's where she and Doug began dating and were married.

Kristi loves to knit and crochet. She reads a lot, and she does at least one Sodoku puzzle every night.

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